Why Your Business Should Go Mobile?

From 2011 to 2012, the world has seen a 103% rise in the use of smartphones. Now, that is a figure to reckon with. It also means more and more people are switching to smartphones. With these smartphones, they shop, they get social and they do their business. So if you are not mobile yet, you are losing a big sales and marketing opportunity. If current user statistics and trends are to be believed, being mobile is no longer going to be optional.

By 2016, the world is estimated to use a billion smartphones. So where are you in all this? If you still think mobile technology is not for you, this will make you change your mind:

Google Indexes Mobile Content Separately: It's now time for Mobile SEO

Yes, you read that right. Google has a separate index for all mobile content. The good news is this: since not everyone who is one web is also on mobile, this index is relatively empty. This is where you can get ahead in competition. Have mobile content and figure higher in mobile searches.

Design Differences in Web and Mobile Technology

Your website functions differently on a mobile phone. With smaller screens, it is tedious for users to use it. You have two choices – either you create a responsive website which works fairly well on a smartphone’s screen, or you choose to design a completely new mobile website design specifically for smaller screens. The decision is not easy, but one you will have to take nevertheless. Maybe this could help.

Mobile May Overtake Fixed Internet Access By 2014

Shocking, but true. Mobile phones and tablets may overtake your internet access through desktops and laptops. In fact, that's already happening. Though smartphones may convert leads into sales much slower, it is still a rate that you cannot ignore. If you do chose to ignore it, you are dumping a huge marketing opportunity down the drain.

5% of the top 500 online retailers have a mobile website/iPhone app

The number is small, but ever growing. More and more retailers are joining this ever growing number and if you are not a part of this revolution, you will certainly be left behind. Right now is the perfect time to make a mobile app and join the ranks of the most famous and successful.

Mobile Phones are More Convenient

A great thing about smartphones is that they are very convenient. A mobile phone easily slips into your pocket and is highly portable – even more than your ultrabooks and your tablet PCs. They are fast, and can connect to wifi anywhere. Most countries provide competent and fast data services so that their consumers can remain connected all the time. All this means that whatever you can do on a computer, you can now do on a mobile phone.

The scepticism was similar when web technology first came into being. Over a few years, internet revolutionized the way we existed. Today, mobile technology is on the cusp of such a revolution and businesses that choose to stay away from it will have to come on board one day for their survival. The only difference is, by the time they realize it, it would have been too late.

So, with mobile, where are you?

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