At the Network Pro, we hold fast to the culture of sharing, caring, and giving. There is enough supply of love to go around for everybody!

It was a jolly Valentine for us here at The Network Pro this February. Everyone had a broad, Mississippi smile on their face, thanks to the small initiative that got everyone refreshing their childhood skills on card-making, and the use of scissors.

As a tech-based company, we are well aware of some of the good ol’ customs that we have lost over the years because they were either erased or replaced by technology. Some things never change, however. An electronic card lacks that personal touch that a custom-made card carries. On the other hand, nothing lights up the day like a hard, solid card with a heart-warming hand-written message. So we set off on the quest to get away from the keyboard and make as many cards as we possibly could with our bare hands. Everyone participated. The more creative ones made good use of their crayons, maybe trying to paint love in all its colors and shades. We then shared the cards amongst ourselves and hung them all around the office. It was red and pink and smiles everywhere!

Since we like sharing so much, here are two quick tips from us on how to make that nice personalized card for your colleague. This might save you a few bucks too, so take the notes:

Customize the message- A few things are worse than your colleagues finding out that they received separate cards but with the exact message from you, including the punctuation!

Go that extra mile to make each person’s card unique to him or her. You can do this by highlighting the strengths of each individual, why it is such a pleasure working with them and that you look forward to many more days of friendship.

Include photos- A picture speaks a thousand words. Be sure to spice up your card with sneaky photos you took of him or her at the office party. Include that hilarious or embarrassing moment that everyone in the office talks about.They will remember you for it!

In case you do not have the sneaky ones, include nice shots of him giving a presentation during a major company event. A selfie of the two of you during a random coffee break is also personal and will make them feel extra special.