Top Five Security Apps for Android Mobile Devices in 2019

Top Five Security Apps for Android Mobile Devices in 2019

Due to the rising number of cybersecurity risks nowadays, a large percentage of mobile phones are vulnerable to data breaches and security threats. Mobile devices are more vulnerable to such threats than desktop computers because we tend to take our phones everywhere we go and connect them to open public networks. Without the right security apps, your data might be exposed to third parties and cybercriminals. To make sure that doesn’t happen, check out the top five security apps for Android devices!

#1 Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is one of the most popular security apps for Android devices. It serves to protect your phone from viruses and other types of malware. The best part about this app is the fact that it alerts you when a spyware or a virus has been installed on your phone. That way you can detect potential security threats in time.

#2 AppLock

Android security threats can be manifested in the physical world, not only the online one. For example, leaving confidential data exposed on your screen could lead to identity theft and financial consequences. AppLock can help prevent that by allowing you to lock not only your entire screen but also lock individual apps with critical data, such as PayPal or bank accounts.

#3 Signal Private Messenger

The Signal Private Messenger is an advanced app developed by Open Whisper System that adds an extra layer of encryption to the texts you send and receive. The app can encrypt entire conversations and regular SMS text messages even if the other person is not using it. End-to-end encryption will hide your data from hackers and other third parties such as your internet service provider.

#4 VPN

When it comes to virtual private networks, you can choose any reliable VPN service and download their app. A VPN app will connect your device to a distant router and add extra encryption to all the traffic traveling to and from your network. What this means is that your device will become completely invisible to cyber criminals once you turn on the VPN. It is especially important to use a VPN when connecting your device to private and unprotected networks.

#5 LastPass

Last but not least, one of the most important security apps for Android devices is LastPass. This is a password management app that allows you to store your passwords in one secure location. That way you won’t forget your passwords ever again and you won’t have to leave them unprotected in notepads or other apps. LastPass makes password management easier even if you have dozens of accounts with different security codes.


Securing your smartphone or tablet device with these important security apps will help you keep your data hidden and protected at all times. Besides using a VPN and an antivirus program, make sure to look into the NIST framework and learn about other security measures that could improve your safety while using an Android device.