Having three basic meals a day is not a given for all families in the world. This is why the good folks at TNP put their hands together and ‘filled a basket’ for the less fortunate in the community this November.

It was all warmth and smiles at the Caring Hands Food Pantry in Fullerton when the staff at TNP drove in with a van full of goodies: cheerios, green beans, sausage packs, and cornmeal to name but a few. Caring Hands Food Pantry is a food collection center entirely run by volunteers. It is located within the city of Fullerton; CA. Donations are made by people and organizations of good will and then distributed to the needy families in the area. The food collected at the pantry is usually stored and given out every Wednesday from 8-11am at the grounds of the First Lutheran Church. You can find out more information at or contact the church office at (714) 871-7820.

This November, the entire staff at TNP had a target of collecting at least 100 food items for this particular event. The company management put up an interesting challenge that whatever amount of items the staff would collect, it would provide a similar figure to top it. Well, the staff at TNP outdid itself by contributing not 100, not 200, but 400 multiple food products. Because promises are to be kept, the company went ahead to supplement this figure by the same amount. Needless to say, the goal was impressively met and surpassed!

In the festive month of December, the good folks at TNP will be out and about handing gift cards to lucky members of the public at the local grocery store. We are talking $300 worth of gift cards- Now isn’t that a real Christmas treat!? The company has already made plans to sponsor three families with a full Christmas package. In fact, the employees at the office are already giving out their gifts for the kids.

TNP sets itself apart as a company that is not just about using technology to provide business solutions but a pioneer for the enhancement of human life in general. The culture of sharing at The Network Pro is simply amazing. During the food drive, the entire staff was actively involved in the process; from planning to the collection and the delivery. The company plans to diversify and introduce more ways of giving back to the community going forward.