The Network Pro and Patch Management for Your Business

The number of available software patches continues to increase each day. The change of software, platform, configuration and ownership (both IT and business) increases the complexity of the IT environment, making the task of keeping each software component at its most current patch level, all the more challenging.

The difficulty in coordinating and managing these changes can often result in your systems receiving a required patch months after that patch became available.  Utilizing The Network Pro to handle your patch management; allows your business to move from reactive patch management to proactive patch management, significantly improving availability and business continuity.

Here are some challenges with doing patch management on your own:

  • New patches are released on a daily basis. Necessary and required patches for your business must be identified and evaluated as they are released.
    Each patch must be validated and researched to determine the patch signature, pre/post-requisites and dependency metadata. Patches may be complex, and may require domain expertise to deploy correctly.
    Time is increasingly becoming a crucial factor. To be effective, patches often need to be deployed rapidly. A delay in their deployment may have a significant impact on the business.
    Each patch is a change and requires formal testing before being deployed. Patches may cause other items to break or perform differently.
    Patch management is often a reactive effort, performed only after the business is impacted.
    New client devices are introduced to the enterprise on a daily basis. These devices need to be automatically discovered and patched to the desired patch level.
    The ability to properly manage the process directly affects the integrity of the enterprise systems, their availability, and consequently the business itself.

The deployment of necessary patches needs to be controlled and coordinated across the enterprise without impacting the business.  This is where utilizing The Network Pro allows you to focus on what you do best!

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