The Major Challenges of Complying to the 20 CIS Controls in 2019

The Major Challenges of Complying to the 20 CIS Controls in 2019

Coming out of 2018, we’ve learned a lot about the importance of proper cybersecurity structures and safety measures. The previous year has witnessed an increased number of cyberattacks and data breaches that left millions of people’s data compromised. Even some of the world’s largest companies (yes, we are talking about Facebook) suffered from data loss and its consequences. However, we are now in 2019, a year that is expected to bring even more challenges when it comes to keeping up with the sophisticated methods of cybercrime.

Complying to the 20 CIS controls as a way of maintaining a proper security structure has helped many companies stay off the radar and protect their data from hackers. However, with hacking methods becoming more complex and more difficult to comprehend, we are expecting the year of 2019 to bring many challenges in terms of achieving the right results with the 20 CIS controls. In this year, companies will have to pay special attention to combining all 20 controls, rather than sticking to those that they find most necessary.

In fact, the more security controls you take into consideration, the lower are the chances of your company being targeted by cybercriminals. The CIS security framework consists of 20 regulations that aim to protect your business from cyber-attacks. Each regulation has its own purpose, ranging from threat detection and identification to incident response and analysis. In the previous couple of years, companies have managed to get away by only complying to several of these regulations as their attempt to keep their data protected.

However, as 2019 advances, small and medium businesses are going to be challenged, as the number of cyberattacks will continue to grow. They will have to balance all CIS controls equally in order to create a security infrastructure powerful enough to keep the hackers out of their networks and systems. Linking all 20 controls together will become far more effective than simply complying to a couple of the regulations. In other words, failing to implement all security controls will leave your business vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Protect Your Business in 2019

There is no doubt that a challenging year is ahead of us when it comes to cybersecurity in general. Luckily, we can still fight off malicious hackers successfully, even though it will take a bit more effort as we move further through the year. After all, cybercriminals are professionals experienced in finding ways around many of our security systems.

To protect your business or online assets in 2019, make sure to study the 20 CIS controls in detail and try to implement all of them. The more security measures you manage to link together, the stronger and more powerful your security structure will become. Thus, make sure to pay equal attention to each security measure, as well as educate your team of employees and remind them to do the same. Keeping your entire team on the same page will be of tremendous use in 2019.