The Likelihood of Data Breaches in 2019 – The Major Security Concern

The Likelihood of Data Breaches in 2019 – The Major Security Concern

We’ve witnessed hundreds of large cyber-attacks in 2018, from data breaches in large telecommunication companies to attacks on social media giants such as Facebook. However, 2018 is behind us but the threats still remain present. The likelihood of data breaches and cyber-attacks in 2019 has grown above our expectations. It will become mandatory to start implementing safety measures and complying to the NIST framework in order to protect personal and business data.

According to the Experian Data Breach Industry Forecast for 2019, we are in for a wild ride as some of the 2018 cybercrime trends start increasing. The experts at Experian have made five predictions regarding the likelihood of cybercrime and the methods that are going to be used this year. Here’s a brief overview of what we should expect when it comes to cyber-attacks and major security concerns! 

Top Five Cyber Crime Trends That Are Likely to Grow in 2019

#1 Exploiting Biometrics

Biometrics such as fingerprint ID sensors, facial recognition features, and touch pass codes have become a mandatory part of smartphone security. Even though biometric security has served its purpose thus far, hackers have recognized some of its vulnerabilities. It is highly likely that biometrics will become more of a threat and less of a security system for our devices.

#2 Threatening financial institutions

Skimming is expected to become more widespread than it used to be. This popular practice involves stealing money and credit card information through a form of more direct phishing scams. Besides skimming, hackers are going to employ strategic attacks on financial institutions and online financial accounts, causing millions in losses and damages.

#3 Attacking wireless carriers

Wireless carriers are going to become one of the most vulnerable cybersecurity targets in 2019. Hackers are expected to focus on conducting data breaches in order to steal personal data and customers’ information that can be exploited later on. There is a possibility that we might see a larger, more complex attack on wireless carriers. Something like this might result in complete disabling of all wireless networks in the United States.

#4 Stealing data from cloud vendors

Experts are also expecting cyber criminals to take steps toward threatening top cloud vendors with the goal to compromise large amounts of information. An attack like this would expose sensitive information of millions of businesses and individuals all over the world. Such chaos could result in enormous fines and expenses, let alone more serious threats such as identity theft or exposure of financial credentials.

#5 Exploiting gaming communities

Last but not least, this is one of the most interesting predictions when it comes to cyber-attacks in 2019. It is highly likely that we will see hackers posing as gamers in order to threaten gaming communities and access personal data for malicious purposes.

Fight Against the Security Concerns

There is no doubt that we will see the number of cyber-attacks increase in 2019. These predictions certainly create plenty of reasons to be concerned over safety and security on the internet. We highly recommend staying cautious when giving your information online or signing up to new websites. Make sure to take into consideration the 20 CIS rules and the NIST framework guidelines that will help you keep your devices protected and respond to cyber-attacks if necessary. It is very important to focus on the prevention of cyber-attacks, as the consequences can include identity theft, data exploitation, and financial fines and expenses. Therefore, make sure to start thinking about cybersecurity in time and start complying to the NIST framework!