Serverless computing and its benefits

Small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners make the mistake of thinking all of their problems can be solved by migrating to the cloud. They forget that there’s still configuring and maintaining servers to worry about; the only difference is that these tasks are done over the internet.

Virtualization services safe from CPU flaws

You may have seen headlines highlighting the dangers of two recently discovered hardware flaws: Spectre and Meltdown. They create incredibly technical problems for just about anyone who owns a computer, even those with virtual machines in the cloud. Thankfully, most vendors have already fixed the issue.

Virtualization and disaster recovery plans

Preparing your business for every type of disaster is critical. Even if you weren’t affected by this year’s historic hurricane season, earthquakes, fires and power outages are ever-present threats to any business’s future. Virtualization might just be your ticket to surviving the next disaster.

Virtual Networking: A Viable Option for Traditional Networking?

Virtualization stretches the servers, enables scaling up of IT resources on demand and provides a cost-effective alternative to power-hungry data centres. Given all those benefits, it makes sense to use virtualization for networks too. Virtual network components seem to be a logical advancement for the otherwise hardware-based network architecture incumbent in most companies at the time of this writing.