Enhance networking with LinkedIn Alumni

Catching up with your friends at your high school reunion is all well and fun before the conversation turns to work. It seems like all your friends have well-paying jobs, and you’re stuck with a demanding one that’s underpaid. What if there were a way you could land better jobs or further your career path? […]

The Why and How of Network Monitoring: Knowing to Act

If there’s a working system, it needs monitoring. Networking systems for enterprises are rather complicated and such a set up almost always requires continuous vigilance and monitoring. Whether you choose to set up a server, tag along about five computers and monitor your small business network manually or choose to go enterprise and use a FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) – the usual ISO telecommunications Management Network Model – this monitoring is what alerts you to signs that something is wrong within your network.

Virtual Networking: A Viable Option for Traditional Networking?

Virtualization stretches the servers, enables scaling up of IT resources on demand and provides a cost-effective alternative to power-hungry data centres. Given all those benefits, it makes sense to use virtualization for networks too. Virtual network components seem to be a logical advancement for the otherwise hardware-based network architecture incumbent in most companies at the time of this writing.