Mobile device security and virtualization

Securing mobile devices is challenging. They often have privileged access to sensitive data that they connect to via unprotected network connections. Virtualization vendors are finding ways to include solutions to these problems in their products and they’re perfect for small businesses.

Protect your devices with virtualization

With cybersecurity threats targeting small and large businesses, solutions that protect mobile devices are no longer a niche service. More work is being handled away from the office, which means more opportunities for security breaches. Virtualization vendors are leading the charge to tackle these challenges with innovative solutions.

NSA endorses mobile virtualization

Mobile device management is a full-fledged subset of IT security. Employees store and view sensitive data on their smartphones, which exposes your organization to a significant amount of risk. Although there are plenty of great solutions for managing this, the National Security Agency (NSA) believes mobile virtualization is the next big thing.

Mobile Device Management: Getting It Right

Multi-device Management Systems – be it for small or large businesses – is gaining popularity, as we speak. We covered a lot on BYOD and how it’s slowly inching itself into the IT technology requirements for most businesses today. As such, IT departments have yet another technology wave to tackle with while employees and businesses have more options to smoothen business operations.

A Brief Look at Data Protection for Mobile Devices

Once upon a time, computer users tethered to desktops. Eventually, desktops gave way to laptops. Today, a bewildering mix of devices are used including mobile devices, handhelds, smart phones, tablets and what have you. A Juniper networks Survey pegs about 40% of employees who use mobile devices for business work.