Can Your Business Survive A Disaster?

Disasters. They do happen — it’s only a matter of ‘when’. While most businesses acknowledge it, surveys show that only one in four companies worldwide have adequate protection in the event of a major disruption. We’re not talking about insurance here, but a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that could save you thousands of dollars in […]

Interruption insurance for businesses

Natural disasters have increased exponentially in the last few years – something that has resulted in a number of small and medium-sized business owners turning to business interruption insurance for protection. Covering many scenarios that regular business insurance simply ignores, adequate protection can be the make-or-break factor when it comes to surviving a natural or […]

Disaster Recovery: What You Should Know Before You Scramble

Do you remember some of those times you ventured into a forest or an organized jungle safari only to spot the tiger? You might or might not get to see a flesh-eating, huge Malaysian tiger or the nimbly dangerous Asian tiger. If you run a small or mid-sized business, your chances of experiencing an IT related disaster is more probable.

Disaster Recovery Trends That Are Sweeping The Industry

Disaster recovery is important for enterprises because it’s a fact that when it rains, it floods. Companies are always under pressure to cut costs while “big data” is still a responsibility that businesses upkeep. While servers, storage facilities, and data centers are all flexible and many vendors do offer redundancy, the possibility of losing data – and hence the risk – is inevitable.

Online Backup (Is Just Plain Smarts): What to Remember Before Choosing Backup Services?

Businesses often deal with reams of data, applications, sensitive and critical information. While traditional tapes, disks, and external hard drives still function today proving to be temporary aides when it comes to backing up data, the nature of data today is way too complex for tapes and drives.

Disaster Recovery: Waiting Until Disaster Strikes is Disastrous

Interruptions – no matter what scale of magnitude – are disruptive for businesses. Disaster recovery is extremely business-critical consideration for small, medium and large businesses. Of course, a mere ‘downtime’, ‘hiccup’, or ‘temporary problem’ for a large company might be devastating for a small or medium size company.