Mobile device security and virtualization

Securing mobile devices is challenging. They often have privileged access to sensitive data that they connect to via unprotected network connections. Virtualization vendors are finding ways to include solutions to these problems in their products and they’re perfect for small businesses.

Back up your mobile devices now

Smartphones have become so advanced that there’s virtually no business task they can’t handle. Now everyone uses mobile devices to access work documents and, naturally, hackers got the memo. There are thousands of threats targeted towards mobile devices, so you’d be well served backing up the files in your mobile device, now.

Protect your devices with virtualization

With cybersecurity threats targeting small and large businesses, solutions that protect mobile devices are no longer a niche service. More work is being handled away from the office, which means more opportunities for security breaches. Virtualization vendors are leading the charge to tackle these challenges with innovative solutions.

Data Is at Risk: 6 Ways Your Data Still Remains Vulnerable

Your data is at a big risk, for a lot of reasons.

Whether it is your employees or your company's data management processes, there are a lot of ways in which the security of your data may be compromised. It is important to understand these chinks in your company's armor so that you can easily protect your data and your clients' important and private information.

Network and Online Security: Is Your Business Built Like a Fortress?

One breach is all it takes to ruin a business. Look at the recent password hack episode that Linked In had to endure. These incidences, time and again, remind us that businesses depends on IT more than we care to imagine. After the recent exposure of thousands of passwords off LinkedIn, the leading professional social media network endured a slump in its brand image.