4 Preventable Risks to Your Data That Could Devastate Your Business

Imagine what would happen if all the data your business has amassed over the years – think accounting & financial information, customer data, inventory and shipping data, information related to your research and development and much more – would just snap out of the grid and disappear? What would happen if you had to lose data in a system crash or a server crash? What, if you ever thought about it, would be the extent of damage for your business?

Here’s some perspective: over 170 million records of U.S residents have been exposed due to various levels of security breaches even since January 2005, according to the Privacy Rights Clearing House [1]– a not-for-profit consumer information and advocacy organization.

Offsite Data Backup — is your data protected?

What is online backup?

Online backup is data backup that involves the transfer of files and folders over the internet for storage in secure data centers. These data centers are managed by a third-party company, like The Network Pro, in a separate location, offering companies a highly resilient form of off-site backup for their data.