When it comes to trends, we do not like to be left behind. We particularly love Taco Tuesdays because after the crunching comes the munching!

There is just no way to avoid the subject of food. Food is a basic human need; that is why the good fellows at TNP organized for a food drive at Caring Hands Food Pantry in November last year. It is amazing how everyone came on board and put their hands together for this cause. More than 800 food items in total were collected by the company and distributed to the needy families within Fullerton, CA.

Let’s talk Taco Tuesdays. What grew to become a custom in many cities of the US last year found its way into our office. We love loove Tuesdays because we get to go out to our favorite restaurant and catch up over o-so-yummy tacos, beer, and margaritas. Now Tuesday is not just another day to toil at work-it is also the day when we get rid of what’s left of Monday Blues and psyche up to face the rest of the week.

Taco Tuesday is a trademark that started at a fast-food chain restaurant based in Wyoming. Get this. This was way back in 1989. Soon the fever caught on in other food joints and now every place you went on a Tuesday, there was a special offer on tacos with the price going at $1 for a fish taco. There was only one problem however, trademarks are protected by law and solely belong to the original owner. Taco John’s, the original owner of Taco Tuesday, had to take a few restaurants to court for using the exact same name to promote their sales, yet even with different names, the custom has taken root all over the country.

Enough with the history class, Taco Tuesdays make up part of the vibrant culture that we have and encourage here at The Network Pro. Our staff of experts is one dedicated lot that prides itself in exceeding goals and giving their best. We are constantly working round the clock to deliver solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Orange, San Diego, Irvine, Yorba Linda, Anaheim, Brea, and Rancho Cucamonga.

When we share meals and make merry like we do every Tuesday, we review the milestones we have achieved so far, the progress on current projects and the game plan going forward to do even better!