It was all guns blazing at the most recent virtual reality tactical training program at SonicWall. We had fun and learnt some cool gun moves, but also improved our skills on security-which is what we do!

We value our partners and could not possibly be where we are without them. Since we offer such a wide variety of services, we have also joined hands with very many esteemed service providers. SonicWall is one of them.

SonicWall is a security company that provides small and medium-sized businesses with virtualization, firewall, VPN and content filtering solutions. They are our number one to-go-to vendors whenever we need these solutions for our clients. They were kind enough to have some of our team members at their premises for some virtual tactical shooting action!

What most people do not know about tactical training is that it is more than just a screen with guns. It is about developing skills that can be applied in solving real-life problems. It engages the analytical and critical mind, and is, therefore, a good routine to train the brain to work under pressure and deliver on what may seem like hard brain-racking challenges.

SonicWall accommodates corporates and provides them with an ambient gaming environment that is simply breathtaking! The establishment itself is spacious and furnished with state-of-the-art interior décor fit for the occasion. The screens are wall-to-wall and the software such as VirTra are updated-the latest in the market in fact. VirTra employs a Judgmental Use of Force training done on multiple screens, complete with audio engagement. The firearms training simulator really takes you from this world to the next. The special effects are to die for and the experience is unforgettable!

The purpose of tactical training is meant to do more than boost self-defence skills. It also helps improve the confidence and communication abilities of the player. It sharpens decision-making skills and sparks critical thinking. All these skills are what our employees need to be more effective and productive at work. At TNP, we want the creative juices flowing at all times. By getting that rush of adrenaline from such activities, our team is in a better position to tactically meet client needs at all times!

We thank our good friends at SonicWall for letting us have a go at their awesome studio. The instructors were particularly helpful and patient with us. We will make a point of visiting again soon.