How Mobile Apps Can Kill Your Business

How Mobile Apps Can Kill Your Business

Mobile apps are widely used both for personal and business purposes. They’re convenient, easy to use, and in most cases free. However, there is a big downside to using many apps on your device, especially if you run a business or have employees who work for you. Here are a few ways mobile apps can kill your business and cost you thousands if not even millions of dollars.

#1 Mobile Apps Can Exploit Your Data

You might be wondering why so many mobile apps are free. Why do people keep making free apps if they get nothing in return? The truth is, most free mobile apps record your data and use it for different purposes, for example, to sell to advertising companies and make a profit. It is also important to keep in mind that some apps use way too much of your data than they should.

That’s why you should always check the permissions an app asks for prior to installing it on your phone. If a camera or photo filter app is asking for permission to see your contacts, it is likely that something is not right. You should avoid apps that ask for unnecessary permissions. Another way to reduce the chance of having your data exploited by apps is to delete all apps that you’re not using on a regular basis.

#2 Employees Use Mobile Apps and Increase the Risk

No matter how careful you are when it comes to installing and using apps, your employees might not pay that much attention to detail. Most of them use apps carelessly, which can pose a threat to your business. If you use a software or a membership website to communicate with employees, data related to your company will be stored on employees’ phones.

Hackers can and often do use mobile apps as a way of getting their hands-on confidential files, which can lead to greater consequences. To prevent this, consider holding a monthly cybersecurity meeting to educate your employees on the importance of online security.

#3 Accessing Apps on Public Networks

Having so many apps on mobile phones, people tend to look for WiFi in public spaces to gain access to social media or other applications. Whether it is you who uses public or your employees, your business will equally face risks.

Public WiFi spots are a popular space for hackers to hide at and attack when you’re least expecting. We highly suggest using VPN services when accessing online content and apps via public networks to keep your data and device secure and anonymous.


Using a VPN and raising awareness about the dangers associated with mobile apps is a great step towards better cybersecurity in your business. However, if you want to progress quickly and in the right directions, we recommend following the NIST framework as the ultimate guide when it comes to online safety. Thanks to NIST safety measures, your business will be far less vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.