Does Your Business Have a Cybersecurity Team in Place?

Does Your Business Have a Cybersecurity Team in Place?

Billions of businesses all over the world operate online, whether completely or partially. Each business or company that uses IoT, cloud storage solutions, online platforms, or any other form of internet technologies is exposed to an inevitable risk of cyber-attacks. While the internet has significantly changed the way we do business and allowed small companies to compete with the big players on the market, it has also brought along a huge risk in terms of vulnerable cybersecurity.

A large number of companies experience some sort of cybersecurity threat every year. The majority of small businesses that become victims of cyber-attacks close down within six months following the attack. In other words, most small businesses are not prepared for the consequences of such an attack. On the other hand, companies with cybersecurity teams set in place are more likely to recover from cyber-attacks and even prevent them from evolving. If your business doesn’t have a cybersecurity team dedicated to keeping your systems and data secure, you need to take action right now!

Why Your Business Needs a Cybersecurity Team

Establishing a cybersecurity team is not usually on a small business owner’s to-do list. However, neglecting this part of business security can lead to major financial consequences and complications. On the other hand, having a dedicated cybersecurity team will help you grow your business and focus on other tasks while a team of professionals takes care of security.

Hiring professionals to build and maintain a security system for your business will significantly reduce the chances of becoming the next big cyber-attack target. After all, a team of experts will know what to do in case of a potential threat in your system. If hiring a team of professionals seems like too big of an investment at the moment, consider hiring one professional who can train the rest of the team to benefit your business’ security.

Having a dedicated cybersecurity team is far more efficient than training your staff to implement security measures. Even though educating all your employees on cybersecurity measures is extremely important, it is better to have a team of employees who will focus only on security, rather than balance it with a list of other tasks at the company. Thus, your team would be more efficient and way more productive when it comes to fulfilling their roles in your business.


The free NIST framework guidelines can help you keep track of proper cybersecurity strategies and techniques. However, as much as the framework can teach you how to protect your business, it is always better to have a team of at least two experienced employees whose job will be to continuously implement safety measures and monitor your system. Your cybersecurity team will take care of mandatory security actions and thus allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

The biggest mistake that has cost companies thousands of dollars is neglecting the importance of cybersecurity. Even if you are running a small business in an industry that might seem uninteresting to hackers, your company can still be a potential target for a cyber-attack. As long as your business operates online, keeps significant data in online systems, or collects data from online users, hackers will try to tap in on your resources. Therefore, make sure to be prepared for any potential cybersecurity attack in the future. Set up a cybersecurity team and train your employees to keep online safety in mind when working for your company. Don’t forget to encourage the use of the NIST framework, which can make the process of securing your business far easier.