Daily Habits That Will Protect Your Business Online

Daily Habits That Will Protect Your Business Online

One of the reasons why many small businesses neglect the importance of cybersecurity is because it seems way too complicated. Following safety procedures might seem complex at first but there are ways to make cybersecurity easier to implement in your business. The best way to protect your company’s data and systems from external threats is to comply with the NIST cybersecurity framework. The framework includes various sets of rules, guidelines, and strategies designed to keep intruders out of your company’s system.

Besides helping you establish a protection system, the framework also includes guidelines for an effective response in case a cybersecurity attack takes place. The easiest way to implement NIST framework procedures in your business is to start making small steps each day. As long as you are consistently implementing different safety measures in your system, you will see long-term progress in the end. Here is a list of five daily habits that will help you get started on your way to NIST compliance.

#1 Use a VPN

One of the best ways to protect your business from online security threats is to use a virtual private network or VPN for short. A VPN service encrypts your data by sending it to distant servers, thus making it invisible to third parties such as hackers, governments, or internet service providers. Besides allowing you to browse the internet anonymously, a VPN will hide all your data and help you virtually change your location for the sake of unlocking restricted content. We highly recommend suggesting your employees to use VPNs when accessing the company’s data from public networks.

#2 Strengthen Your Passwords

Strengthening your passwords is perhaps the easiest habit that will help you increase the security of your system. Weak passwords make it easy for hackers to access your data. The logical solution is to strengthen your passwords by making sure you never use the same password for more than one account. Also make sure your passwords include a combination of letters and numbers that cannot be randomly guessed. Perhaps try using a password generator if you run out of ideas.

#3 Keep Learning About Cybersecurity

Reading about cybersecurity threats and measures on a daily basis is a habit that will get you a long way when it comes to securing your business. The more you know about new cybercrime trends and hacking methods, the better your security system will be. Besides, getting familiar with the most popular security threats will help you avoid the risk of becoming the next target.

#4 Establish a Cybersecurity Policy

If your business does not already have a cybersecurity policy, make sure to draft one and call a meeting to introduce it to your employees. Once you have a cybersecurity policy in place, make sure to invest at least 30 minutes a day to research new security trends and strategies. Tweak and improve your policy as you learn from your past mistakes or, even better, from the mistakes of others.

#5 Be Consistent with NIST Guidelines

The NIST framework provides clear guidelines for achieving compliance and strengthening your company’s security system. To make the NIST guidelines work to your benefit you have to be consistent in implementing recommended security measures. Make small steps towards NIST compliance each day. You will be surprised by the progress you make in the next few months.


Taking small steps every day can take you a long way in life. The same goes for online security, as it takes patience and consistency to build a system that will keep your data safe. Make sure to implement these five habits on a daily basis and work towards achieving NIST compliance.