Cybersecurity and Startups – The First Steps to Securing Your Business

Cybersecurity and Startups – The First Steps to Securing Your Business

Just because you run a startup or a small company, it doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook when it comes to cyberattacks. In fact, many hackers target small businesses and newly founded startups simply because they have weak security systems. To make sure your business doesn’t become the next target, implement the first steps to add and improve security!

#1 Raise Awareness

It is difficult to deal with a problem that you don’t know much about. Therefore, it would be almost impossible to protect your business from a cybersecurity attack without knowing anything about it. That is why the first step towards securing your business is learning about the threats and vulnerabilities it is exposed to. Make sure to dedicate at least ten to 20 minutes per day to learn more about this topic.

#2 Train Your Team

Humans are the weakest link in any security system. Unless you run a one-person business, make sure to train your staff or employees and teach them why cybersecurity is important. Get your entire team on the same page to make sure they are all actively working towards securing your business. Training your team to become aware of the potential security threats will also reduce the risk of human error.

#3 Control Access

No matter how much time you invest in training your employees, mistakes can always happen. In this case, controlling who has access to the most confidential data in the company can prevent a variety of security risks. Besides, restricting employee’s access to only parts of the network they need can reduce the risk of an inside threat. Make sure to restrict users’ access right away in case they leave the company.

#4 Use a VPN Router

VPN routers allow you to set up a virtual private network that can be used by any device connected to that router. This is a great solution for offices where more people are using the same network. That way everyone’s devices will be equally protected through encryption. It is also recommended to advise your employees to use a VPN outside the office as well, especially if they work for your company remotely.

#5 Update Your Systems

Systems and programs that are not up to date can be a massive threat to your business. Make sure all devices tied to your company are up to date. Developers create updates in order to introduce changes to the system and improve security. Without these improvements, your device will become vulnerable to security threats. Besides updating your office computers, make sure to log into confidential sites on devices that have antivirus programs installed.


Many upcoming startups and companies completely neglect the aspect of security because it seems unnecessary during the initial stages of building a company. However, it is important to start building a good security system from the very start. If you need help with staying on track with different security measures, you can follow the NIST framework as a guideline.