3 Baseless Things Businesses Obsess About, But Shouldn’t

Focus is a simple word. As individuals, it’s somewhat easier to focus on things we want to. As businesses, however, it just gets more complicated that it should be. Obviously, there are a lot more people involved when businesses take shape. Plus, the external forces act way too strong on businesses to remain in a Zen like, nonchalant state.

Simplifying technology for non-techies: What is Network Virtualization?

While there’s nothing new about network virtualization, it’s always been a technology that makes us think: “Wow. So, technology does that”. Virtualization has been around for a while and we are still in awe of it. So much that it’s still the bread-and-butter work we do for our clients at Network Pro.

Thin Client Computing: Should You Consider It For Your Business Enterprise?

Wouldn’t your business breathe a heaving sigh of relief if all business data and applications remain in one central place for easy management? How would it be if your data back-up and data restore work remains centralized and almost a breeze?

Scott Alan Miller, an IT expert who writes for Datamation[1], claims that IT managers and administrations swear by the central computing model for exactly the same reasons mentioned above in an article titled “Thin Clients in The Dark and Distant Past”[2].

What on earth is Thin Client Computing?

A Thin Client (lean client or Slim Client) is basically a computer that is stripped bare of all the usual bells and whistles.

Why Business Must Go Green? – Part 1: It’s all About the Money

Data centres are ugly ogres when it comes to energy consumption. According to a report published by Rackable Systems[1], the year 2007 witnessed about 180 billion KWH on power requirements and cooling and a whopping $29 billion has been spent to feed this energy requirement alone.

The Network Pro and Patch Management for Your Business

The number of available software patches continues to increase each day. The change of software, platform, configuration and ownership (both IT and business) increases the complexity of the IT environment, making the task of keeping each software component at its most current patch level, all the more challenging.

Proactive IT Management – Case In Point

IT problems are so well managed by The Network Pro that they rarely reach the radar screens of business owners. The "pain" once caused by regular IT failures is quickly forgotten, and the irony of our managed IT services is that a job well done may cause some business owners to wonder just what they are paying for.

How to Select the Right IT Provider

The 4 most important reasons a client chooses and maintains a relationship with a technology provider are:

Ease of doing business
On time delivery
Quality and function of the service

We suggest the following as you evaluate who to choose to deliver technology services to your company:

Tour their facility without an appointment.

Delivering Value for Business IT

Never before have we been in an economy where it is more important to distinguish the value of IT services to our business clients. Businesses are turning to The Network Pro to deliver more value in IT, controlling costs, and improving efficiencies. Businesses are searching for ways to become more lean and efficient.