Net IT Management (NIM)

We have taken the experience gained in the last 6 years and developed our solution to address the following key areas:

Server and Workstation Patch Management

Microsoft releases patches to address security and usability problems with their software. Staying current with the patches from Microsoft will allow systems to run better, and be more secure from virus, spyware, and hacker threats.

The Network Pro – Managed IT Service Provider

Isn't it about time an IT service provider had your best interests in mind, instead of how many hours they can bill? We know this type of relationship is not in your best interest, and that is why our managed IT support programs make sense. Our programs align you as a customer and us as the service provider with the same common goal - Keep the IT system running at peak performance, and eliminate preventable downtime!

The Network Pro, the leading IT support specialist for small business can help enable your business success by helping you effectively use and manage your technology systems.

2008 Customer Satisfaction

We poll our customers annualy to gather our customer satisfaction results. You can view the questions that we ask to ensure we are exceeding our customers expectations in delivering the best quality IT service in Orange County.

How effective is The Network Pro in delivering quality service to your business.

How to Select the Right IT Provider

The 4 most important reasons a client chooses and maintains a relationship with a technology provider are:

Ease of doing business
On time delivery
Quality and function of the service

We suggest the following as you evaluate who to choose to deliver technology services to your company:

Tour their facility without an appointment.

Delivering Value for Business IT

Never before have we been in an economy where it is more important to distinguish the value of IT services to our business clients. Businesses are turning to The Network Pro to deliver more value in IT, controlling costs, and improving efficiencies. Businesses are searching for ways to become more lean and efficient.

Expect more from IT

We are continuously developing innovative methods for improving our IT service delivery, and we are proud to announce the release of our new IT management solution, NetAmend by The Network Pro. This new solution will allow us to proactively monitor, manage, and optimize the IT resources of your business with greater efficiency and effectiveness.