Offsite Data Backup — is your data protected?

What is online backup?

Online backup is data backup that involves the transfer of files and folders over the internet for storage in secure data centers. These data centers are managed by a third-party company, like The Network Pro, in a separate location, offering companies a highly resilient form of off-site backup for their data.

5 Technology Tips for your Business

Technology is an investment - not a cost

Do you like spending money on technology?  Most of us only spend money on it if we have to. Most small business owners don't spend money on technology because they don't think they need it. This is a mistake.  Don't think of where your business is right now, but think of where you want your business to be in 5 years and invest in technology accordingly.

Benefits to Hiring an IT Outsourcing Company

Did you know that employee expenses account for 70% of a company's overall revenue? Companies don't take into account the costs associated with full-time employees such as: hiring, training, administration, benefits, absenteeism, workspace and equipment.

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Support

Computer Weekly magazine reported that the take up of IT outsourcing is increasing by 5.9% a year.

The potential reasons to outsource your IT are wide-ranging. Here are 10 of the top ones.

1) Cost
The average annual salary of an in-house IT Manager is currently in the region $75,000. Add to that the cost of recruitment, additional company benefits and training to keep their skills up to date and it's a substantial overhead.

Proactive IT Management – Case In Point

IT problems are so well managed by The Network Pro that they rarely reach the radar screens of business owners. The "pain" once caused by regular IT failures is quickly forgotten, and the irony of our managed IT services is that a job well done may cause some business owners to wonder just what they are paying for.

Net IT Management (NIM)

We have taken the experience gained in the last 6 years and developed our solution to address the following key areas:

Server and Workstation Patch Management

Microsoft releases patches to address security and usability problems with their software. Staying current with the patches from Microsoft will allow systems to run better, and be more secure from virus, spyware, and hacker threats.

The Network Pro – Managed IT Service Provider

Isn't it about time an IT service provider had your best interests in mind, instead of how many hours they can bill? We know this type of relationship is not in your best interest, and that is why our managed IT support programs make sense. Our programs align you as a customer and us as the service provider with the same common goal - Keep the IT system running at peak performance, and eliminate preventable downtime!

The Network Pro, the leading IT support specialist for small business can help enable your business success by helping you effectively use and manage your technology systems.