4 Cloud Computing Threats and Best practices To Counter them

Cloud security is a huge worry for small, medium and large enterprises. Solving the cloud computing security problem actually has benefits for business. Craig Balding -- the founder of -- actually wrote a list of seven technical security benefits of the Cloud.

Disaster Recovery: Waiting Until Disaster Strikes is Disastrous

Interruptions – no matter what scale of magnitude – are disruptive for businesses. Disaster recovery is extremely business-critical consideration for small, medium and large businesses. Of course, a mere ‘downtime’, ‘hiccup’, or ‘temporary problem’ for a large company might be devastating for a small or medium size company.

Virtual Machine Firewalls: Are They Your Best Bet Yet?

Ifa regular network has network monitoring applications, security layers andfirewalls it only makes sense that a virtual network would have somethingsimilar to the physical one. A virtual firewall is a software applicationpredominantly deployed to inspect data packets and checks to see if the data transferis in line with established policies for your company.

10 Gigabit Ethernet: 4 Realities You Should Consider For Your Business

We once wrote about how networks are hungry ogres for more bandwidth and speed. The demand to manage and store humongous amount of data is the norm for most growing businesses today.  Our previous posts on Whether 10 Gigabit Ethernet is a practical solution for your business  and another one on making the case for how 10 Gigabit Ethernet forms the foundation for  high performance networks  should be a good place to start if you need to know more.

Storage Thin provisioning: Is it the Answer for Enterprise Storage Efficiency?

If you have data or deal with it with respect to your company needs, you’ll need an efficient way to store all that data. Data storage, however, is an element in IT management that not everyone gets right. Investing in a storage system starts with your business needs for data storage which again depends on the needs of the users, the level of performance desired, capacities needed, etc.

Malware: The Devil that it is and How to Protect Your Network From It

An increasing influx of Viruses, Malware, and Spam can unleash war on your organization if you aren’t doing something to counter the attack. For all you know, these malicious codes could be lurking within your systems and network waiting to bring your network to a crunching halt – an event you’d be more than happy to avoid.

Why Bother With Mobile Security?

Recently, we published a post with a Brief look at Data Protection for Mobile Devices. We discussed a few ways that mobile security can be established. In this post, we will look at why businesses should even bother with mobile security. Why bother at all?

The face of computing has changed considerably in the recent years.