Cloud Based Back up: How it Should Have Been, But It Isn’t (Not Yet)

With millions of articles and blog posts (including our own, right here) you’d be forgiven to think that cloud computing is a staple for every small business. It’d have been easy to believe that it’s the best answer for a start-up or a small company looking to work like a big company but with small costs associated with such assets.

How Business Tools Got Leaner, Faster, and More Efficient

As strange and quirky as it can get, with time and the measured pace of technology improvements, everything a company had to do with buildings full of assets is now reduced to web browsers, mobile phones, tablets, and online collaboration. Slowly, networks managed by companies aren’t as large and pervasive as they used to be.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Enterprise Automated Data Back-up

In an earlier post, we wrote about the impending boom in the amount of data a company would have to manage, analyze, crunch, and store. Given that a growing business would always have this data management challenge, backing up all of this data for your enterprise is as crucial as marketing and sales.

LAN and Disaster Recovery Planning: How Planned are you?

Data centres hog all the attention today but we still remember how LAN (Local Area Networks) has always been the essential building brick of basic networking. As such, building a sustainable plan for disaster recovery for your entire network starts with designing one for your LAN (Local Area Network).

Before you conjure up images of some sort of irreversible, catastrophic extent of damage to your IT network, it’s not always of this magnitude.

Disaster Recovery: Waiting Until Disaster Strikes is Disastrous

Interruptions – no matter what scale of magnitude – are disruptive for businesses. Disaster recovery is extremely business-critical consideration for small, medium and large businesses. Of course, a mere ‘downtime’, ‘hiccup’, or ‘temporary problem’ for a large company might be devastating for a small or medium size company.