TNP Gives Back

At The Network Pro Inc., we work around the clock to solve the clients’ needs and help them make good business investments. But that is not all there is about us.
Aside from creating jobs in tech and growing our economy, we are deeply committed to making the world around us a better place.
We found a way to do this by giving back to the community.

Giving back to the community is not just an act of philanthropy to us. Our company values are engrained in cultivating a culture of sharing and problem-solving. For instance, by sharing what we have, we solve the problem of a family that could sleep cold and hungry on the streets. We can put a smile on a child’s face by buying them that favorite toy they’ve always wanted-something their less fortunate parents could probably not afford. We devote our resources to uplift the lives of people around us who may not have the opportunities that most people do.

Our flagship project in ‘TNP Gives Back’ was the Food Drive at Caring Hands Food Pantry. We hit the road running with a donation to the volunteer-based food bank that collects food items and distributes them to needy families at a local church. It was a refreshing experience for all the employees to come together and spare their time and money for this noble cause. The challenge was that for whatever amount of food they collect, the company would add on a similar amount. The employees donated four hundred items multiple foods, and the company sure did add another four hundred on top. Other charity programs include December giveaways of gift cards at a local grocery store. In a bid to spread the good cheer, the company also offered to treat some families to a fully paid Christmas bonanza.

The company will launch a policy that allows its staff to participate in the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ drive. In this drive, an employee would be given a day off work to join other social workers and volunteers in community service. This way the company will be indirectly contributing to the betterment of society.

Our journey towards nourishing lives, and not just through nutritious foods, is one that is close to our hearts as TNP. It is not better until we make it better!