5 Reasons Why

One Service Plan

We will only deliver one service offering to your business, the one that delivers the best results. The days of tiered plans such as gold/silver/bronze are gone forever as our entire company has matured to only deliver one service with one end result; Success.

Improve Employee Productivity

Our unique process of standardization and automation will prevent issues in your organization. This dramatically different proactive approach to technology keeps your employees productive. How do we make such a statement? It is simple. Based on your business process and how your technology is supported we know you have one issue per month per employee. If you have 40 employees this equates to forty times per month your employees will have to contact support and get something fixed that used to work. What if your employees only had to be interrupted by technology one time per quarter versus one time per month? By following our process, you will eliminate the other 320 times each year your employees are not productive and waiting on technology to do what it’s supposed to do; work

Disasters Averted

Your intellectual property and business process is key to continued success and revenue generation for years to come. We put this key thought first and so should you. Backup and disaster recovery is not an option in our process, and is mandatory for all successful businesses. Simply put - no system is 100% trouble-free, but we keep little problems from becoming costly catastrophes through our proven best practices and our business continuity process. Perhaps for the first time ever, you’ll enjoy real peace-of-mind that your systems will stay healthy and that critical business data and records will remain safe.

Return on Investment from IT

If you see IT expenditures as just one more “cost of doing business” we are ready to suggest another view. How about technology as a profit center? While enabling your business to reduce expenses associated with managing technology, we apply our process for maximizing your system performance and enhancing your employee’s productivity in ways that contribute to a more robust bottom line.

On Time and Within Budget

Project cost overruns and missed deadlines are unacceptable … and something you will never see from The Network Pro. That’s a promise. Nor will we hit you with hidden charges and extra fees—practices that we consider unethical. Instead, you’ll know what your investment will be before we start, and you’ll also know when the project will be finished. We can make this guarantee thanks to careful planning from an expert network design team that literally has decades of IT implementation experience.