4 Reasons Why You’ll Take to VoIP in 2013

Every year brings promises with it. Businesses are no exception to this rule. The raging battle to lower costs, manage resources better, and to profit with as wide a margin as possible is almost always the first, crucial goal. If communication is at the heart of relationships, management, workflows, clients, and projects, then VoIP is god sent for businesses of all sizes because VoIP is a cost-saver without sacrificing quality of communications and telephony. If that isn’t convincing enough, here are reasons why you’ll take to VoIP in 2013:

VoIP is the way to say in the new economy

VoIP is one of the few options left for businesses to cut down costs towards a full-blown, enterprise-grade telephony hardware. According to the Pack Net Blog companies all over the world are already deserting their resource-intensive and expensive communications hardware and are making a move to switch to IP telephony or VoIP.

Gateways, Switches, and VoIP Technology: It’s not too tough to handle

Most businesses – especially small and medium businesses – that lack the technical know-how and executive capabilities to use VoIP usually refrain from adapting to new technology. For one, VoIP isn’t new at all. Second, you don’t need resident staff specialized in communications and telephony. You have consultants and vendors who take up the job of installing, training, and implementing VoIP use for your business. Third, the technology and the jargon could be intimidating. It, however, isn’t that hard.

You may refer to popular and trustworthy sources such as Cisco Resource Center on VoIP basics. Read up on this even if you aren’t doing it all yourself. It’d not hurt to know something new. Moreover, you’d be in a better position to understand jargon when your IT consultants or vendors sit down for discussions.

VoIP allows you to look, feel, and appear bigger than you are

While “looking or feeling big” isn’t necessary to succeed in business, some businesses do need to. Whether big or small, all businesses certainly need to sound and execute tasks professionally. VoIP allows for lowered costs but still have all the systems that traditional switchboard-based telephone systems used to provide. On top of that, you’d also have access to features such as multiple lines, 1-800 numbers, remote call routing, team access, integration to CRM solutions, and much more.

VoIP is reality for individuals and businesses. Have you been left behind?

A post on the Sipnology blog gathered more data to drive the nail into the panel: Pike and Fischer Research reveals that the VoIP marketing has been growing at 14% per year and that 30 million US households will use VoIP. As for businesses, research points that mobile VoIP services are the new trend now (poised to beat the fixed VoIP by early 2013). Mobile VoIP is a US $18 billion dollar market compared to fixed VoIP, which is at US$12 billion.

If you’d like to change with the trends and use VoIP for your business, check out our VoIP consulting and installation services and give us a call or reach out to us.

You’ll be glad to have gone VoIP.

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