Top VoIP Trends You Should Know About

Ever since VoIP was introduced, business VOIP has been growing and evolving. Everyday, new technologies are emerging and the way old technologies were used is changing. There are so many things happening in this field that keeping up can sometimes be slightly difficult. Here are some things you should keep an eye out for:

Mobile VOIP Growth

Increased connectivity and improving mobile technology has led to huge growth in mobile VOIP sector. People are using mobile phones for everything and fixed lines are almost going extinct. Most of the business too, is done over mobile phones. This era, is therefore of the mobile phones and mobile VOIP.

IP Networks and Their Transitioning

The ever evolving communication field has led to the rise of the all-IP systems. The traditional PSTN systems have been replaced completely with IP communication networks. Since the IP infrastructure is already in place, the existing traditional services are converting into applications riding on the already existing infrastructure. This new system boosts reliability and improves communication delivery. Another advantage of this sole IP system is that it offers a lot of privacy too.

Bring Your Own Device Fraud

Unfortunately, with BYOD strategies gaining popularity, VOIP fraud has been on the rise too. Though the issue has been an eye sore for a long time, the rise of mobile technology and the preference of BYOD opportunities has led to a marked increase on fraudulent practices. Any device, that the business does not control, is vulnerable today. The good news is, with the rise in BYOD and VOIP fraud, there has been a rise in the fraud detection technologies as well. This puts businesses in the front seat once again. Knowing that this trend is on the rise, businesses can now choose to keep an eye out for fraud detection technologies and processes too.

VOIP in the Cloud

Businesses are in the cloud today, and all important business processes are there too. So what stops VOIP from reaching there? Business analysts are sure that the time for testing cloud technologies is over now. The cloud is here, it's working and its advantageous. Businesses are implementing cloud technologies strategically to maximize their efficiency, and VOIP is no different. There is an increasing availability of high bandwidth, an assurance of quality services, and full privacy. Therefore, enterprises are quickly abandoning their servers and embracing cloud technology. Cloud VOIP seems to be the next big thing, so keep an eye out for it.

Rise of the On-Premise PBX Based Systems: VOIP has not traditionally been a part of the IT strategies in small and medium businesses. However, as SMBs realize the importance of communications for the running of their businesses, they are also understanding the importance of strategizing their VOIP needs and using on-premise PBX systems. Companies like Cisco, Avaya, Nortel and others are trendsetters in this area, and the future of VOIP technology belongs to them.

Voice communication is critical for the smooth running of any business. So if you are a business owner, make sure you know where VOIP technology is heading. It can be really beneficial for improving communication in your business processes.

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